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Air Conditioning Repair in London

R Perkins offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning services in London. From air conditioning unit diagnostics through to complete AC unit replacement, R Perkins can provide a cost effective solution. We offer 24 Hour Call Out's 365 days a year, so no matter what your requirement, we can help. Our team of AC engineers have fully equipped vans which include all the tools and spare parts necessary to fix air conditioning units on the first visit, helping to speed up repairs and reduce cost.

Our fast, convenient & cost effective air conditioning repair services are used by companies in and around London. Some of the issues we troubleshoot and repair include AC water leaks, AC units not cooling properly, loss of power, noisy / defective and rattling units, AC units with bad odours/smells, AC units not heating properly, gas leaks and general poor performance. What ever issue you may be experiencing our engineers can be called out to investigate the issue round the clock.

With R Perkins you can be sure our air con engineers will be on site with you in a timely fashion to ensure you are not left stuck in the event of AC troubles / or unit failure. We'll repair air conditioning units even if we did not install them. Many leading companies in London rely on R Perkins to maintain, repair and replace their AC systems to ensure working environments are kept at the right temperatures throughout the year. Our team of air con engineers have an extensive background in troubleshooting, diagnostics, repairs and part replacement on a wide range of AC systems from manufacturers such as LG, SANYO, TRANE, DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA, CARRIER, RHEEM, PANASONIC and HITACHI.

If you want to find out how much air conditioning repair services are likely to cost why not give us a call and a member of the R Perkins team can discuss this over the phone.

Common Air Conditioning Faults

Portrait Of A Young Man Adjusting Air Conditioning System

Leaking Water
One of our most common call outs is when an air conditioning indoor unit is leaking water. This will mostly be due to a blocked drain outlet, faulty condensate pump caused by old age or neglected maintenances for a period of time. Water damage could have a huge impact on your operations or stock. Call our service team for a maintenance quotation now.

Not Cooling/Heating
In the event of your system running but not producing any cooling/heating, then the system may have a refrigerant leak. The system will need to have a Pressure Leak Test carried out to identify the leak and to repair it. Once repaired, Nitrogen will be added to the system to check the leak has been sealed correctly, and vac the system to remove any remaining moisture. Then charge the system with the correct amount and type of refrigerant. Once complete all operations will be check over by the engineer to ensure that all the system is working correctly.

No Power
Another common problem is a unit not having any power to it. When a system appears to have no power and no information is showing on the controller at your commercial property, it would be best to contact us to have a qualified engineer to attend site and diagnose the fault that has occurred on the system.

Noisy Units
When a unit suddenly becomes noisy, it could be an indication that certain parts of the system are starting to fail. The parts will need to be identified and changed before the system completely fails or becomes beyond repair.

Bad Smells
Indoor units are continuously circulating air over the evaporator coils whilst they are in operation, although the air passes over the coil, all the bacteria within the air does not and starts to build up. This is what starts to produce bad smells, which is intensified when the unit is in operation. It is ideal to have a regular maintenance carried out so coils can be cleaned to reduce the build up of bacteria and dust, which in turn reduces the bad smells produced.

Poor Performance
When a system does not have a regular maintenance, they start to underperform due to the fact that grime builds up on both the indoor and outdoor coils. Eventually this will lead to poor performance of the operations due to the fact that air cannot pass over the coils to either remove the heat or add the heat to a room. If left to long with a build up of grime then component failures will occur, which in turn will cost more than a regular maintenance