Five Reasons Why You Should Have Your Refrigeration Maintained

R Perkins have put together the following five reasons why you should have your refrigeration maintained (and we’ve added in some handy expert tips too!).

No matter what industry a commercial refrigerator is used for, it is essential that it meets current regulations to be operating effectively.

As experts in air conditioning and refrigeration, R Perkins have put together the following five reasons why you should have your refrigeration maintained (and we’ve added in some handy expert tips too!).

#1: Reduce Energy Bills

In a large commercial operation, a slow reduction in refrigeration performance could easily pass unnoticed. Every opening and closing of the door adds wear to the door gasket, hinges and handles. Over time, this wear can lead to air gaps around the gaskets. Maybe the door isn’t quite closing if a hinge is bent. Cold air could be leaking out of any gaps forcing the unit to work harder and for longer. Regular and planned servicing would have these faults noticed and addressed before they become a serious problem. An engineer will check temperature and defrost frequency. This should all keep electricity use to a minimum.

#2: Reduce Waste

A poorly performing refrigerator could be causing a poorly performing kitchen operation. More fresh produce getting spoiled, means more resources heading to the bin. It’s not just the food that’s being wasted. Obviously the money too, but how about wasted staff time organising replacement stock?

#3: Reduce Anxiety

The owner, manager or head chef could do without the additional worry of a potential breakdown. Nervously checking the refrigerator every day will not be good for the business’ stress levels. The anxiety created in the event of an actual refrigerator failure can be all but eliminated if the unit has a complete service twice a year.

#4: Extend The Life Span of the Refrigerator

Without regular maintenance, as we’ve seen, the refrigerator will be working harder. This means parts which will eventually wear out anyway will do so much more quickly. A professional engineer will be cleaning all of the moving parts, such as the fan blades and motor. The condenser, evaporator, insulation and so much more will get the professional once over.

#5: Avoid The Emergency Breakdown Call

With a regular maintenance routine in place, costs are down and so are the worries. The only time you should see an engineer is when you’ve planned it. Stocks of vulnerable fresh food will be safe.

Any business which relies on refrigeration for a successful day to day operation will be wise to have scheduled professional servicing.

Managers, owners and staff can all contribute to this peace of mind too.

Here are a few pointers to aid the smooth operation of the refrigerator:


  • Position – keep running costs down and efficiency high by placing refrigeration units as far away as possible from heat sources. Kitchens are inevitably hot places, but a little planning can help enormously. Similarly, placing refrigerators near to windows or doors can help. A good air flow around the unit keeps it running smoothly.
  • Temperature – commercial refrigeration units should have their temperatures closely monitored. Use this data to set the thermostat as low as it needs to be. Forcing the unit to chase lower temperatures will be increasing the strain.
  • Simple Checks – All users of refrigerators can be encouraged to contribute. Regular inspection of hinges, handles, gaskets and drain lines can all help early diagnosis of potential problems.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning experts, R. Perkins & Sons offer servicing contracts as well as installation and repair of existing units. Contact us for all your London-based refrigeration and air conditioning requirements.

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